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About LARO Farms

Like many people, you’re probably wondering how and where we got started with CBD products.  It’s a little bit of a story, but worth explaining as it shows why we are committed to our products and this industry.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with both MS and a Vestibular Disorder. The vestibular disorder left me disabled and unable to continue working in the hospital. I could not travel due to altitude changes that would leave me disoriented on the road side until they passed. Our monsoon season was the worst as the barometric pressure changes would send me into an episode that could last a week or more. Then in 2014 my MS symptoms began to get worse.

In order to combat the symptoms of vestibular disorder I went on medical marijuana. It helped with the nausea and insomnia but within a very short time I was clinically depressed and had lost 60 pounds in five months. It became apparent that THC and I could not get along.

Then a friend mentioned zero THC CBD products. We did our research, selected a company and began a high dose therapeutic regimen of 75mg per day for a period of two months.

  • Within two weeks my MS symptoms had completely disappeared.
  • Within a month I no longer suffered from insomnia. I had battled insomnia all my life and spent my entire health care career working nights because I could only sleep during the day.
  • Then the most amazing thing more vestibular disorder. Even more amazing was that I had not noticed it going away. My wife happened to notice that several monsoons had come through and I had not had any episodes. That was almost five years ago and I have not had any further episodes.

My wife also had started a regimen for her debilitating migraines. She suffered a neck injury when she was younger and to combat the migraines was taking a very expensive medication called Imatrex. You are only allowed seven per month so she would go through those in a couple weeks and then chew 800mg Motrin until she could get a refill. It took longer for her to receive the full benefit but within a few months she was no longer taking either of the medications.

Once we were convinced the vestibular disorder was no longer an issue I wanted to go back to work in the hospital. Thankfully my wife realized we could help far more people by providing more CBD awareness. We began researching again.

We quickly realized that while our quality of life and overall health had greatly improved, the cost was out of reach for those who needed it most. Those in low income brackets with poor access to health care. It wasn't long before we realized we could provide equal or higher quality products at half the cost.

We selected an organic raw ingredient provider with verifiable lab results and began manufacturing basic tinctures. Our initial offerings were to other health care workers and friends we thought might benefit. Soon we were operating a small delivery service in our local area and offering free educational classes so people could learn more about CBD. For the next four years we grew our business strictly by word of mouth without any advertising whatsoever and now private label our products for over 50 different brands.

While we have to make money in order to operate our goal has never been, nor will it ever be, to get rich in the CBD business.

We will continue to offer the highest quality products and introduce more ways for those in need to access these products and greatly reduced prices versus our competition.

Lyndon B.
Owner, Laro Farms